an impactful year in the classroom

When you serve with Saga Education as an AmeriCorps member, you’ll get to experience a year of service in the classroom, making a difference in the lives of youth, while you learn valuable skills as a leader. 

You’ll share in their wins, and help them navigate their challenges. You’ll be a critical figure in advocating for students and teaching them to advocate for themselves.

what to expect

You’ll have a year of in-the-classroom work, helping math students who need it the most.

Students who pass ninth-grade Algebra 1 are four times more likely to graduate from high school than those who do not. Helping students during this pivotal time multiplies their opportunities long after high school. 

Tutors offer much more than one-on-one instruction. They’re also role models.

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We’re excited for you to join us. By becoming a Saga AmeriCorps Member, you’ll be on the frontlines, accelerating educational equity. You’ll be more than an academic coach; you’ll be a mentor, inspiring students to discover their new path.

the complete package

Accelerating educational equity also comes with some perks and benefits. 

Here are the top five reasons to serve with Saga. 

Saga Education provides a living stipend to all AmeriCorps members for their 10.5-month term of service (August-June). Stipend amount varies by city, term of service and whether you are serving in-person or remote. All stipends are paid on a bi-weekly basis and are advertised pre-tax. All stipends are subject to state and federal income tax.

  • Remote AmeriCorps Members will receive a living stipend of $26,000.
  • In-Person AmeriCorps members receive a living stipend of 30,000.

Those serving in-person are also eligible to receive a one-time, $500 relocation assistance allowance if relocating over 50 miles to serve. Additionally, at the end of completing their term of service, AmeriCorps members will receive an end-of-year completion award of $3,000. This is prorated based on the start date. All in-person AmeriCorps members also receive compensation in the form of a paid public transit pass, as requested.

Saga offers all AmeriCorps members a comprehensive and holistic benefits and wellness package. 

  • Eligibility to Apply for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
  • 100% Employer Paid Comprehensive Benefits Package, including Medical, Dental, and Vision
  • Opt-In Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Opt-In Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
  • Pre-Tax Transit and Parking Plan
  • 7 Personal Paid Days Off and Paid School District Holidays and Extended Breaks
  • Access to Apply for SNAP Benefits
  • Company Provided Technology
  • Optional Loan Deferment or Forbearance
  • Discounts through ADP LifeMart, including Pet Insurance Discounts
  • Access to Non-Profit and Teacher Residency Partnerships
  • Professional and Leadership Development
  • Access to the Saga Alumni Network
  • Access to the AmeriCorps Alumni Association
  • Diverse and Inclusive Work Environment
  • Saga 360 Wellness Program, with monthly challenges and prizes for taking care of YOU
  • Employee Assistance Program, with access to financial counseling, counseling services, and more

As members of the AmeriCorps program, AmeriCorps members with Saga Education are eligible to earn the Segal Education Award (valued at approximately $6,895) at the completion of their service year, which can be applied toward future or existing, qualified student loans. It can also be used to pay for other forms of education and eligible training programs. Additionally, over 100 colleges and universities nationwide augment the Segal Education Award in some way, including matching AmeriCorps members’ award amount, waived registration fees, course credits, or service scholarships.

AmeriCorps members over 55+ years of age at the time of enrollment into their term of service are also eligible to transfer the award to a child, foster child, or grandchild!

During their service with us and as AmeriCorps members, qualified student loans are eligible for forbearance or deferment. You may also request the accrued interest be paid by the National Service Trust. 

Continue reading more on this great benefit here.

Saga Education promotes the Intentional development of safe spaces for all identities. We want you to show up as your authentic self. All AmeriCorps members have open access to Saga’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) committee where they can participate in and help to plan monthly DEIB events.

AmeriCorps members receive pre-service training and continuous observation, feedback, and professional development throughout their ten and a half months of service. Training related to the education field focuses on work orientation, best-practice tutoring strategies, lesson planning, tutorial management, curriculum structures, cultural sensitivity, and how to build relationships with students and the school community. Our AmeriCorps members also grow in the following career readiness skills:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Feedback Implementation
  • Relationship Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Decision-Making
  • Time-Management

the application process

Saga AmeriCorps Tutor Selection Process 2023
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beyond the classroom

A year as a Saga Americorps Member will not only prepare your students for what lies ahead but will give you an advantage as you enter into graduate school, your own classroom, or pursue a career in countless other fields.

Read more about how the benefits of your service year go beyond the classroom.

A Day in the Life of a Fellow

Saga Education sat down with Lindsay Lopez, an AmeriCorps member in Broward County (FL), to talk about what it’s really like to serve with Saga.

Four Lessons I Learned From My Students

As a Saga Fellow, we go through an extensive training program focused on the best ways to teach and build relationships with our students. What I didn’t expect was that I would learn four key life lessons from them.

Why Consider a Service Year with Saga

At Saga Education, we believe the potential to achieve is universal and every student is capable of shaping a story of success — in school, and in life. As things now stand, however, not every student has a fair chance to see it.

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