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Our suite of high-impact tutoring products—Saga Coach, Saga Connect, and Saga Curriculum—was developed with educators in mind. Our mission is to accelerate educational equity; to achieve that, we’ve seen the need for the following applications to help educators help their students.

Saga Education products are proven effective at helping districts like yours provide personalized, in-school tutoring.

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Saga Coach

Saga Coach is a 100% free, self-paced tutor training portal. This learning platform enables non-education specialists to become highly effective tutors. While it was designed for tutors, it works equally well for mentors and coaches working with youth regardless of their background. 

Saga Coach captures Saga’s highly effective training—training that is independent of grade and subject. By making it available for free, we aim to help tutors of any age or background become great tutors.


Saga Connect is a platform designed to host interactive tutoring sessions. It includes audio-video conferencing, an interactive whiteboard, individual scratchpads to show work, stickers, chat and more to facilitate engaging tutor-student interactions. 

For math, Saga Connect includes an expression editor that enables students to express beautiful math and a scientific calculator. It has area models, algebra tiles, manipulations for modeling, and is integrated with Desmos for graphing. 

Saga Connect makes it easy and fun to work with students whether in-person or online.

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AI Tutor Coaching​

Give tutors immediate feedback on their sessions and practical strategies to boost student participation and engagement. Personalize coaching and professional development for tutors with AI analysis of tutorial sessions. Track the quality of your tutoring programs over time.

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Saga Curriculum

Understanding the best way to help secondary school students in math can be challenging. To date, a free intensive tutoring curriculum has not been available geared explicitly to supporting middle and high school students in math. 

So we changed that. We’ve tested the Saga Curriculum working with school districts around the country to empower tutors or anyone looking to help students achieve their best

“Saga Coach is exactly the professional development our tutors need. Both the format and content are a great fit for Boys & Girls Clubs, and I’m excited to recommend the training materials to staff and volunteers who want to become more effective tutors.” - Chrissy Chen, Senior Director of Youth Development Programs at Boys & Girls Clubs of America
“The results that Saga is generating are remarkable and among the finest interventions ever rigorously studied at the high school level.” The University of Chicago Urban Education Lab
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