Our Story


At Saga Education, we know the relationships young people can count on are the ones that lift them up. So our professional Tutoring Fellows offer consistent, personalized, in-school-day academic tutoring -- delivered with equal parts accountability and heart.

Whether they are supporting students to work through a tough math problem or a tough day, our Fellows help busy teachers by focusing on the students who need it most. And, together, they get results. Rigorous research has proven time and again that, for under-served students from Chicago to New York, Saga Fellows help raise academic growth. All while raising the social and emotional well-being students need to learn and thrive over a lifetime.

During the 2019-2020 school year we will serve 3,300 students in 26 schools across Chicago, New York City and Washington DC.

our vision

Saga Education will help eradicate educational inequality by becoming a leader in working with educators to envision a new story where the power of personal relationships nurtures academic, social and emotional growth for young people.


our mission

Saga Education serves historically under-served young people through personalized, consistent, caring and best-in-the-world tutorials that result in youth gaining confidence and academic strength so that they see, pursue and realize their grandest dreams.