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Imagine a world where every student, regardless of their background, can work with a dedicated school-based tutor, where literacy and math comprehension are no longer barriers to their academic journey but stepping stones to a successful future.

We’re making this vision a reality with Saga Education’s partnership with the Success for All Foundation. As the leading nonprofit organizations for high-impact tutoring, we offer comprehensive support in implementing effective early literacy tutoring and 6–12 math tutoring programs.

Our approach is more than just tutoring; it’s about empowering students to build confidence, resilience, and academic strength. This is more than an investment in their education. It’s an investment in their future.

Research shows that third-grade reading proficiency and success in Algebra 1 will increase the likelihood of graduation

Mastering early literacy skills is foundational for all future learning. A study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation showed that students who can read proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to earn a high school diploma. By providing high-impact tutoring in foundational literacy, you can ensure your students smoothly transition from learning to read to reading to learn. 

Ninth-grade Algebra 1 is a gateway to high school graduation and, therefore, economic mobility in America. A national US Department of Education study found that 80% of students who drop out of high school cite course failures as their top reason, with Algebra 1 as the course most failed. Research from the American Institutes for Research suggests that only 20% of students who fail Algebra 1 in ninth grade will go on to receive a high school diploma, compared to 85% of those who pass the course. Helping students during this pivotal time multiplies their opportunities long after high school.

One-stop-shop for implementing
high-impact tutoring.

Together, Saga Education and Success for All Foundation provides technical assistance for state or district-led high-impact tutoring for early literacy and grades 6–12 math. 

Backed by extensive research, these evidence-based program models focus on providing targeted support and personalized instruction through small-group tutoring. 

Our teams will partner with your school or district to support effective design and planning for high-impact tutoring programs, train leaders and tutors, provide interactive curriculum, and support implementation throughout the school year.


Students’ literacy in one Baltimore City Schools’ analysis doubled their rate of growth in reading skills.

Tutoring with the Lightning Squad supports the Science of Reading and has a 1 Strong Evidence ESSA rating. In a recent study of students in Baltimore City, significant benefits were seen in all grades—students gained 25% of a grade level in one Baltimore City Schools analysis, and 38% of a grade level in another, based on Success for All’s Assessments.

According to randomized controlled trials conducted by the University of Chicago, Saga Education’s high-dosage, high-impact tutoring programs not only raise math scores but also foster the confidence and sense of belonging that underpin all academic success.

Students who receive Saga math tutoring triple their math learning, attend school more often and raise their grades in other subjects

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Create the high-impact tutoring programs your students need to thrive with hands-on consulting and technical assistance from Saga Education and the Success for All Foundation. We do this through a six-step program.

  • Program Design
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Training
  • Program Management
  • High-Quality Instructional Materials
  • Data & Assessment