why serve


Saga Education is part of the AmeriCorps network of programs.

When you become a Saga Education Tutoring Fellow, you don’t just learn how to teach high school kids math. You learn how to show up. For complex formulas. For complex lives. For hard days and hard-earned high fives. A service-year with Saga is your chance to make a real difference. 

Tutor. Everyday, you’ll work with the same small number of students, offering personalized tutoring that helps students thrive.

Mentor. You’ll be more than an academic coach, you’ll be a mentor. You’ll inspire students to see new paths for themselves.

Connect. Teamed up in the same safe and supportive classroom, you’ll forge life-changing relationships; with your students, their families, and your team of Fellows. 

Grow. Your Saga experience will prepare you for wherever life takes you, whether it’s graduate school, teaching, or careers in countless other fields.

Interested in learning more?  Download our brochure, read more about the day to day experience, or see how a year with Saga changes every year that follows it.   


Review our position description. Then apply below for the school year and location that works best for you.


Maria Decker

"I could build an entire, really meaningful career in teaching. I suspected that, but my year with SAGA confirmed it."


Gregory Myers

"We show (students) that not understanding is okay. Because everybody has something they don’t understand… until they do."


Garrett Black

"For students, particularly young men, to see someone like them helping them and teaching them; it can make a huge difference in their lives."